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English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D)

Putney Public School recognises and celebrates multiculturalism. Approximately 52% of students have a Language Background other than English (LBOTE). There are over 25 different language backgrounds represented in our school population. Our school celebrates particular events in the Calendar for Cultural Diversity from the NSW Department of Education. 

EAL/D Students 

EAL/D students are students whose first language is a language or dialect other than English and who need support to develop proficiency in English. Student profiles and assessments are used to identify EAL/D students.  

EAL/D Programs 

EAL/D Programs at Putney Public School aim to develop students' English speaking, listening, reading, viewing and writing skills. These English skills are developed by ensuring that programs focus on the individual literacy needs of students. 

Below is an outline of the different EAL/D programs that are offered at the school.

- Student Withdrawal Programs 
Withdrawal Programs are for students who are part of the New Arrivals Program (NAP). These students work individually with the EAL/D teacher or in small groups according to their literacy needs. 

- Team Teaching Programs 
Team Teaching Programs are for classes who have EAL/D students. The EAL/D teacher at Putney Public School works collaboratively with classroom teachers to develop programs and resources which support the literacy needs of EAL/D students across the curriculum.  

For more information regarding our support structures for EAL/D students, please contact our school office to make an appointment with our EAL/D teacher.