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Extra-curricular activities

Putney Public School offers extra-curricular activities for students to better themselves and enjoy their time spent at school. Please note that not all extra-curricular activities are running to their full extent due to COVID-19.

Primary Schools Sports Association (PSSA)

Image of a variety of sporting balls

Putney Public School participate in the Primary Schools Sport Association (PSSA) competitions in cricket, softball, tee-ball, volleyball, newcombe ball, netball, soccer, Tiger Tag and Australian Rules (AFL). Students in years 3-6 are given opportunities to trial for these teams at the beginning of the season (winter/summer). Students are selected based on a range of criteria specific to each sport base on the Sport Selection Policy.

Specific information regarding each sport, rules and regulations, as well as draws and results, please go to the Ryde PSSA website.

PSSA is currently not running. Updates will be announced via the Sentral parent portal.

Putney School Band

School Bands Australia logo

Putney Public School's band program is proudly run by School Bands Australia.

Band is a fantastic way for children to learn an instrument & benefit from being part of a team.

School Bands philosophy of “group learning, individual results” allows children a fun way to learn their instrument, understand musical notation, build confidence through performing and most importantly help them to “learn how to learn”.

Putney School Band is currently not running. Updates will be announced via the Sentral parent portal.

Dance Group

Logo for Avenue D dance studio

Putney offers dance lessons which are taught by Danni Camage from Avenue D Performance Studio. Dance holds many positive benefits including fitness, coordination, wellbeing and creativity. Danni is an experienced dance teacher and has been choreographing and teaching dance to Putney students since 2012. Students try out to be selected for the junior or senior dance group at the beginning of the year. Junior dance practice is on Tuesday lunch.
Senior dance practice is on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. 

Dance Group is currently not running. Updates will be announced via the Sentral parent portal.


Three chess pieces

These classes begin with an interactive lesson using an electronic chessboard on a smart board. Children are then given the opportunity to play games against each other, putting newly learned strategies into practice, and receive personal feedback from the teacher. As the term progresses and the children become proficient in all of the basics, the lessons will move on to more complex ideas such as opening traps, tactics, planning and calculating many moves ahead. At the end of each lesson, awards are given to children who display good problem solving skills or improvement during the lesson or in their games. As children accumulate more awards they become eligible to win bigger prizes such as trophies or certificates.

Chess classes are run by Sydney Academy of Chess and occur weekly on Tuesdays at lunch in the Science Room. 

Technology Group

Image of technology equipment. A laptop, science equipment, cogs and a lightbulb are a few of the images.

The Putney Public School Technology Interest Group is available for Stage 2 and 3 students.  We work with small groups of 10-12 students on a rotational basis to give as many students as possible the chance to participate. Activities include online and physical activities and aim to be an extension of their normal in-class technology program. The program's online component includes coding such as Scratch, Makey Makey, Microbit and Hummingbird, and the 3D modelling program SketchUp. Away from the computers, students deconstruct various computers and appliances, as well as learning how to physically cable computer networks. Involvement (or not) at any particular time does not exclude you from the many STEM events and competition Putney Public School enters during the year. We aim to spark interest and teach new skills which allow the students the ability to identify and solve real life problems, whilst exploring technology, design and programming outside of the classroom.

Recorder Group

A picture of the musical instrument the recorder.

Students will be learning how to read musical notation, dynamics and how to play a recorder. There are different types available including treble, tenor and  bass. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 the annual Festival of Instrumental Music has been cancelled.

Recorder group meets weekly in classroom 3E with Mrs Ignazzi on Tuesday lunchtimes.

Recorder Group is currently on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions.

International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS)

International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) logo

Students at Putney Public School have the opportunity to participate in the English, Mathematics, Spelling and Digital Technologies ICAS competitions run by the UNSW Global. These competitions are designed to identify and celebrate academic excellence. They provide students with an excellent opportunity for test practice under examination conditions. They also give parents detailed information about their child’s results, providing another insight into their child’s learning.

ICAS assessments occur in Term 3.