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Excellence Through Endeavour

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About our school

Putney Public School is situated in pleasant leafy grounds close to the Parramatta River and Morrison Bay.

The school has a long tradition of educational excellence and involvement in the community.

While academic excellence is highly valued, our school is also committed to encouraging all students to participate in a wide range of learning activities - cultural, sporting and curricula.

Putney Public School aims to:

  • Inspire students to acquire knowledge and realise their self-worth in a supportive, caring environment.
  • Provide opportunities for all students to experience success and to achieve their full potential.

We offer our students:

  • Excellent literacy and numeracy programs
  • A quality curriculum delivered by highly qualified, dedicated teachers
  • Extensive curricula & extra curricular opportunities in the arts and sport
  • Wide variety of leadership opportunities across the school
  • Strong parent and community programs
  • A harmonious and caring environment

The air-conditioned classrooms are at the forefront of modern technology, with all students having access to interactive whiteboards, iPads and computers in their classrooms. The computer room houses 32 computers and is located in the library. We invite you to contact us to find out more about the great opportunities we offer.


Putney Public School aims to inspire students to acquire knowledge and realise their self worth in a supportive, caring environment and provide opportunities for all students to experience success and to achieve their full potential. 

The three Strategic Directions in the Putney Public School School Plan 2018-20 are: 

1. Students making connections with their learning. 

*To increase student engagement and enhance student capacity to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, and be able to implement their learning in different context. 

*Students develop a greater capacity for independent learning, self-regulation and critical thinking. 

*Students are able to discuss their learning, take risks, set learning goals and track their own progress to become successful learners. 
2. Teachers making connections with students. 

*Creation of processes and practices that support staff to make changes which enhance a culture of innovation and future thinking for effective teaching and learning. 

*Enhance personalised professional learning 
for staff, which reflects on current learning 
pedagogy and utilise the NSW Professional Teaching Standards, aligned to the school’s strategic directions. 

3. The School making connections with the Community. 

*Enhance ongoing and respectful relationships between staff, students, parents and carers and community members in order to achieve the best outcomes for our students. 

*Enhance partnerships through innovative parent and community learning. 

*Enhance an ongoing relationship between neighbouring schools, developing a Community of Schools based on common needs and interest. 

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