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Before you start


Preparing for the big day

There are a number of different ways you can get your child ready for school. Below are some simple things you can do to help your child.



  • Foster independence by having your child do things for him or herself, such as carrying and packing away belongings;
  • Purchase food containers for recess, crunch and sip and lunch, pack them with food and when it is snack or lunchtime, have your child open the containers and food packaging by him or herself. Do the same with a drink bottle. Go on picnics and practise eating outside;
  • Teach your child how to put on and take off the school jumper or jacket and turn clothing inside in when the jumper or jacket has become inside out;
  • Have your child pack, zip and unzip his or her school bag;
  • Teach your child how to drink from a bubbler, wash his or her hands thoroughly and use toilets outside the home. Got boys? Be sure to visit venues where they can see and use urinals.

Social Development:
  • Remind your child to keep hands, feet and objects to him or herself;
  • Encourage your child to say things such as ‘Stop it, I don't like it' when others annoy them
  • Role play how to ask others to play and play appropriately;
  • Positively reinforce etiquette, such as saying please, thank you, excuse me and waiting patiently
  • Play games together as a family. Make sure your child experiences both winning and losing. Positively reinforce appropriate reactions. 

  • Provide numerous experiences with scissors, glue and pencils focusing on correct usage and pencil grip;
  • Encourage looking, listening and sitting still while you are talking to them and during learning times;
  • Teach your child to recognise and write their name. Ensure that only the first letter is capitalised and that letters are formed correctly. see also: Correct Letter Formation (pdf 40 KB), Correct Letter Formation (pdf 24 KB)
  • Play rhyming games, read texts that include rhyme and point out the rhyming words in books;
  • Talk about the difference between letters and words and play games where your child needs to identify the first sound in a word;
  • Read stories with your child each night;
  • Model and guide your child to retell what happened in stories read;
  • Talk about letter sounds rather than letter names;
  • Practice counting with your child and have them count out objects with one-to-one correspondence;
  • Point out numbers when out and about to help him or her recognise numerals

  • Prepare your child's school uniform. Practise wearing it for learning activities such as drawing and craft;
  • Buy a bag tag and make sure it is recognisable by your child. Help them attach it securely;
  • Label everything your child is going to bring to school;
  • Buy your child's school shoes ahead of time and encourage your child to wear them around the house to wear them in
  • Purchase a library bag, painting smock with sleeves and raincoat. Pack spare underwear and socks in a plastic bag in your child's schoolbag.


For further information and starting school resources, go to the website below.


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